Creed Aventus 10th anniversary Edp 100ml


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Aventus is the best-selling perfume from Creed!
Aventus is a powerful masculine fragrance with both fruity and woody accents.
Father and son created this fragrance, inspired by the strength, vision and success of Napoleon.
On the bottle you will also find a horse and rider back.
Many people even go looking for a certain code, namely the Aventus batch code.
Every time a batch of Aventus is created, it receives a batch code.
The smell can therefore have a deviation, according to one customer a small difference and according to the other customer a big difference.
For example, we often hear that one batch smells less or more like pineapple.
This makes it a unique perfume for men!

Top: Pineapple, Red Apple, Black Currant, Bergamot
Heart: Rose, Patchouli, Birch, Jasmine
Base: Vanilla, Amber, Oak moss, Musk



All Creed Fragrance are made up in a concentrated eau de parfum strength known as Millesime. The term has been adopted from the wine industry, and used by Olivier to stress the outstanding quality of his products.